New Travel Forum


In reponse to demands from the growing community here at HPS, we can finally announce that the new travel forums will be launched on August 3rd 2010.  When we say demand, we really mean that we are receiving numerous requests for general travel guidance and information from users, and as we grow it is becoming increasingly difficult to respond to these questions in a timely manner.  We therefore feel that the site would benefit from forums in which these questions can be asked openly and therefore responded to by the wider community.

Any questions relating specifically to the Hotel Price Scanner and the services we offer can of course still be submitted to us by email.

We apologise for the ongoing delays with regard to the forums, however we are having some technical issues here at HPS Towers which are currently being addressed by our web hero Webster Webb and his intrepid team of highly trained ferrets.  Not long now though.



  1. In terms of extra features, you should add a car hire price comparison service, that would be really useful.

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