Mallorca Walking Holidays

Mallorca Walking Holidays

Here at the Hotel Price Scanner, we’ve never been shy to promote the Balearic island of Mallorca, a place that was our home at the time of our inception in 2009.

It is an island that has suffered enormously since the onset of the economic downturn, its higher prices being an obvious turn-off to holidaymakers looking to make savings, and Mallorca’s loss has very much been to the benefit of resorts in Turkey and North Africa.

The season in Mallorca is also notably shorter than it was serveral years ago, with many businesses not opening until May and closing as early as late September.  The weather is of course a factor, and there is no escaping the fact that for 5 months of the year sunbathing on the beach is simply not possible, although it doesn’t stop some people trying!

Despite this, Mallorca still has an enormous amount to offer to winter visitors.  It has long been the destination of choice for keen cyclists and is proving equally popular with hikers.  This is no surprise, because Mallorca has some of the most beautiful and varied hiking terrain in Europe, a landscape which is breathtakingly beautiful, and which offers a hugely rewarding hiking experience.

The Serra de Tramuntana is a mountain range that begins at the cape of Sa Mola in Andratx in the south west of the island and which runs north-easterly to the cape of Formentor in Pollença. The range forms the northern backbone of the island and stretches for almost 90 km with an average width of over 14 km, a significant amount of which lies above 1000m; and is home the many challenging and iconic mountains, from Puig de Galatzo in the south to the stunning Puig de Tomir overlooking the Bay of Alcudia in the north.

The Serra de Tramuntana is composed mainly of Jurassic-era limestone, and thus is susceptible to water erosion and it is this that gives rise to the delightful range of gullies, cave systems and geographical features that make this landscape so special.  The Consell de Mallorca is continuing to push for the Serra de Tramuntana to be named as an UNESCO world heritage site, a decision due to be announced in the summer of 2011.  You can add your support to this campaign here.

The Hotel Price Scanner has teamed up with local company who offer guided walks to the summits of the many 1000m+ peaks throughout the Serra de Tramuntana.  For more information about these walks and to learn more about Mallorca as a hiking destination, visit

Despite not being an obvious winter holiday destination, many hotels remain open during the off-season.  For more information about those hotels, and to compare prices CLICK HERE.


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  1. I cannot stress enough just how beautiful the Tramuntana mountains are. Surely Mallorca’s best kept secret? Highly recommended for hikers of all ability levels.

  2. Going to Majorca in September. We’ll probably only get one day hiking, so with this in mind, if you could only tackle one peak, which would it be?

  3. fao J Byrne

    If I had to select one, I would probably go for something around Cuber Lake (as pictured in the article). This will give you great views along the entire range. Mig Dia is the highest accessible peak on the island, but it is a tough hike so it would depend on your ability (bear in mind also that it is September and it can be very warm). Perhaps L’Ofre would be a better choice (the picture above was taken from the peak of L’Ofre). Depending on your location, you might want to consider Galatzo in the south, or if further north then Tomir. Which ever you choose, remember to take plenty of water!

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