Badly Dressed Brits

Badly Dressed Brits

In an attempt to source an interesting and informative news story to regurgitate here for the benefit of the HPS stalwart(s), I came across this article.  It’s not particularly interesting or informative to be completely honest, but it caught my eye nonetheless.

It is actually something of a non-story in truth; typical of the countless corporate press releases enthusiastically devoured by wesbites who happily syndicate this sort of stuff.

This one is courtesy of (and I am in no way criticising their part in this process), and is essentially a press release based on a semi-bogus survey which is now appearing on a number of content hungry websites as ‘news’.  This one I doubt will make it to the bigger news networks, but occasionally they do.  It makes for a nice headline you see, but scratch at the surface and it turns out that the ‘research’ basically involved Andy in the marketing department ringing round a few of his ex-Uni mates.  It reminds me of those headline-grabbing ‘research’ stories that announce that eating 3 slices of cucumber every day will increase your chances of getting chin cancer by 30%.  The science behind these things is often built of foundations made of Instant Whip.

Perhaps I’m doing a bit of a disservice here.  I am sure this survey was a good deal more thorough and scientific than many.  It’s just that the results seem to stretch credibility somewhat.  Brit’s spend a fortune on their appearance before going on holiday?  Really?  What are they spending it on exactly?

British sun-seekers are usually easy to spot, look out this summer for pale people in socks and sandals, and more often than not, in the latest brightly coloured acrylic offering from their local football club.  The reality is that for most people, pre-holiday preparations involve a trip to George for some beach gear, followed by a swift tour of Poundland for a bit of factor 30 and some disposable razors (I know this because I am that person).

As always with these things, the devil is in the detail.  The ‘Brits Spend a Fortune’ headline loses a good deal of its attention grabbing umph when you read on and discover that only 12% actually spend ‘up to £1000’.  In other words the vast majority don’t spend anything like that, and those who spend over £2500.00 are either married to footballers or have double-barrelled surnames.

This article really doesn’t tell us anything meaningful about the spending habits of holidaying Brits, but what it does do is remind us about just how much crap there is on the internet.  My advice is therefore to stop polluting your minds with this pointless drivel.  Reading internet blog posts can seriously damage your health, so don’t ;-).


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