Summer Holiday Locations

Summer Holiday Locations

There are many great summer holiday locations across the world and choosing the right one can be quite tricky. Ultimately there is no definitive best choice and it really depends on personal preference as to what you and your fellow travellers are looking for from their trip, whether that is action and excitement, rest and relaxation or culture and discovery. Budget also plays an important part, especially when choosing whether to stay close to home or to venture further afield, but neither option has to be particularly limiting with great destinations to be found both on your doorstep and on the other side of the world.

In terms of the former, one of the best summer holiday locations in Europe is Spain. It is a large country with many fascinating areas to visit but the region that is most popular with summer visitors is the Mediterranean coast in the south and east, especially in places such as the Costa del Sol. Here, the resort town reigns supreme and the focus is very much on sun, sea and sand. That may well be the perfect combination for many holidaymakers, but those who want to get to the real heart of Spain would be best to visit one of the major cities such as Barcelona or Madrid, which are full of interest and vibrancy.

For a venture slightly further afield, Turkey is an ideal destination if you wish to explore a more exotic culture and visit some great beaches and resorts that are not quite as established and full-on as those of western Europe. Certainly, Turkey is not short on great destinations with its western coast dotted with excellent tourist hotspots as well as sites of archaeological and historical interest. In addition, the city of Istanbul is renowned for being the place where east meets west and is granted a certain excitement and diversity as a result.

The more adventurous traveller and perhaps one with a slightly more expansive budget, would be hard-pressed to find a better holiday destination than the USA. The variation found in one country is quite mind-boggling and there is something for holidaymakers throughout, however, some of the more popular choices include Florida and California. For a start, these regions are blessed with great beaches but also have plenty to satisfy the active traveller, such as biking, hiking and boating locations, as well as treats for the kids, such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

All in all, no holidaymaker will struggle to find somewhere great to escape to in the summer, whether they are looking to top up their tan or build up their cultural knowledge. Wherever you choose to go, activity weekends are a great way to do something a bit different, see the surrounding area and experience a thrill or two at the same time. These weekends are available pretty much everywhere; whether you do not feel like leaving the UK or whether you want to disappear to some far-flung corner of the world, you won`t be disappointed.


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