25 Hour Hotel Bikini Berlin

25 Hour Hotel Bikini Berlin

With the clocks turned back and the evenings drawing in, for many of us it’s time to stop dreaming of sandy beaches and time to start planning our next city break. But what if you could achieve ‘city’ without completely turning your back on wild, summertime charms? The 25 Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin does just that.

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If jungle-theme, hammocks and greenery combined with modern designer décor are your thing, this is the destination for you. The 25 Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin is one of the latest additions to Berlin’s tourist accommodation scene and has rapidly taken the city by storm.

The hotel was the brainchild of Berlin-based designer Werner Aisslinger and Yoshi Matsumoto, an Osaka born chef turned artist whose works lend a unique ambience and creativity to this stylish residence.

Offering 149 rooms and meeting space for up to 100 people, this is no small hotel, yet it manages to retain a familiar convivial atmosphere that adds a boutique feel to its sophisticated designer edge. Families and those in search of a quiet stay may not have the 25 Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin at the top of their lists but well-heeled shoppers, clubbers, DJs, couples and any searching for an alternative hotel experience are well recommended to give it a shot.

Fashioned from a non-descript 1950s tower block, Aisslinger has taken off-beat design to the next level with the jungle-themed Nani Restaurant serving East European specialities, the cheeky Monkey Bar and the Bikini Island bar with DJ corner and kiosk. The Monkey theme is in fact not as outlandish nor as out of place as it may seem on first glance, when one heads out onto the rooftop terrace to be faced with a direct view over Berlin’s Zoologischer Garten and Zoo. There is much more to this place than a jungle theme however, with out-of-the-box offerings including bicycles hanging from the ceiling, fur-lined hammocks and swing sofas adorning the communal spaces and plenty of exposed concrete peeking out from behind the tropical foliage.

Nor, indeed, is this just a mere hotel. The attached Bikini Mall has been cleverly designed to draw in a fashionable crowed of shoppers from across the city, keen to part with their hard-earned Euros in the funky boutiques before heading up to the third-floor bakery to enjoy home-made cake and coffee amongst the designer décor.

It will come as no surprise to learn that the rooms, too, are heavily themed, with jungle rooms offering unbeatable views across the zoo’s ape and elephant enclosures and urban rooms overlooking the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and wider Berlin skyline.

Rooms are moderately sized but very comfortable and at around £100 a night for a double, highly affordable by major European city standards. With so much accommodation to choose from it’s a bit of a jungle out there, so why not embrace it and choose the devil you know.


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