The Hotel Price Scanner is the world’s leading hotel price comparison service. Our powerful price comparison engine queries over 2.5 million hotel deals in 200,000+ establishments in almost 200 countries worldwide. We offer real time pricing information along with comprehensive descriptions and up-to-date information about every hotel we list, along with independent and verified hotel reviews and millions of hi-resolution images. Our search engines allows for numerous refinements; so you can narrow your search by rating, popularity, price range, brand, amenities, accommodation type and by distance – and best of all our service is completely free!

Totally Independent

We are 100% independent and have no direct relationship with any hotels or booking providers and therefore have no vested interests. Our service searches leading booking providers such as Expedia, Hotels.com, Booking.com & Travelocity, as well direct booking portals for leading chains and also independent hotels. Our service is designed to give you the information you need to make an informed decision so that you are confident in your choice of hotel and so that you know you have paid the cheapest available price – but if you can find it cheaper elsewhere we will refund the difference through our Best Price Guarantee.


We want the Hotel Price Scanner to be clear, concise and easy to navigate.  It’s all about information and choice; but most importantly it’s about presenting that information in such a way that when people make that choice, they do so with absolute confidence.

The website is constantly evolving as we try to improve the end user experience and ensure they get to the information they require as quickly as possible. We also understand changing consumer habits, and have been quick to embrace new technologies and the move to hand held devices with the development of our fully-functional mobile site along with published apps on Android & Blackberry. This development will continue and we are open to suggestions as to how we might further improve the end user experience.


Clearly, our main aim at the Hotel Price Scanner is to focus our efforts primarily at the core functionality of our price comparison service. But we want to offer more than that. We are passionate about travel, and we want to create a travel portal with information and articles which are not there just to fill up space, but which are of genuine value to the reader. We have recently enlisted the services of top travel writers and have already begun to publish a series of new articles on our blogs.

The Company

Hotel Price Scanner is operated as a trademark of BluFish Internet Ltd. This UK based enterprise are web design experts that specialise in ecommerce, travel and renewable energy related web projects. You can learn more about BluFish Internet at www.blufishinternet.co.uk.