School Holiday Price Hikes


(UK) The travel industry has once again come under fire for imposing huge price hikes on families looking to travel during school holidays.

Parents are finding it increasingly difficult to withdraw children from school during term time, and are often threatened with fines and even prison should they take their child on holiday during term time without the relevant authority.

The travel industry, well aware of the tighter restrictions, have sought to exploit the situation and increase prices significantly knowing that faced with little choice parents will pay up.

A recent survey found that travelling to Florida could cost the average family £2,358 more during the Easter holidays (a mark up of 82%) and Center Parcs could cost £876 more (a mark up of 83%).

The National Union of Headteachers believe travel companies are taking price rises too far, but ABTA have defended the travel industry believing that prices are reflected by market forces and are set to reflect demand.

It is a situation that is unlikely to change, certainly in the short-term, as the travel industry seeks to recover from a terrible 18 months that has seen a number of high profile tour operators bite the dust.  It is a cash cow they’re not likely to stop milking for some time yet.


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