Big Spending Germans


It is a universally accepted fact that German tourists do not like spending money.  See two people sitting in a restaurant sharing a coffee and they might as well be wearing Lederhosen.

A sweeping generalisation this may be; but most hoteliers, restaurant owners, taxi drivers, anyone for that matter who earns their living from travel and tourism will say the same; Germans don’t spend and rarely tip.

I’m not in any way saying this is a bad thing, they have every right to be careful with their money and if by doing so it means they can travel more often then ultimately it is to the benefit of the travel industry.

Imagine my surprise though when I read that skyscanner had announced that the Germans spend more on their travels than any other nationality, a staggering £91 billion a year.  That German tourists are now being touted as ‘big spenders’ is a tad misleading however.  They’re not exactly loose with their cash on their travels; it just happens that they travel a lot and thus as a nation spend more on overseas travel than any other including far more populous nations such as the US and China (although China are rising up the table extremely quickly according to the skyscanner findings).

So, next time a taxi driver berates a German tourist for not tipping; perhaps he should consider how much worse things would be if the Germans didn’t travel even half as much.

The full table:

1. Germany – $91.0 billion (+2%)
2. USA – $79.7 billion (+4.4%)
3. UK – $68.5 billion (+4.4%)
4. France – $43.1 billion (+9.6%)
5. China – $36.2 billion (+21.4%)
6. Italy – $30.8 billion (+4.9%)
7. Japan – $27.9 billion (-7.9%)
8. Canada – $26.9 billion (+8.4%)
9. Russia – $24.9 billion (+11.8%)
10. Netherlands – $21.7 billion (+9.2%)


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