Going Underground at the Desert Cave Hotel

Going Underground at the Desert Cave Hotel

In Australia, almost every living thing is capable of killing you. According to a recent study, you have a one in four chance of being eaten alive by a beast with big teeth. This is fact. So this, combined with the hellish prospect of spending nine years on a plane, is the reason why I have never been to Australia. Sure, I would have loved to have been there to witness the recent crushing Ashes victory, but I’d almost certainly have ended up the victim of a disgruntled Funnel-Web out for a bit of pomme-bashing, so I stayed at home; a pale, pasty Englishman sat on his sofa at three in the morning, in his pants, eating Nescafe from a spoon.

But I’m wrong. I know I’m wrong because everybody tells me so. I have yet to meet a single person who has been to Australia who on their return has not declared it the most amazing place in the known multiverse (with the exception of those who have been eaten by a Great White or kicked in the head by a Kangaroo of course).

Beautiful, stunning, awesome. Every superlative you can think off is used to describe that vast, continent-sized country at the other end of the planet; so much so that it recently occurred to me that they cannot possibly all be wrong. A seed had been sewn, and very tentatively I began making a few cautious Google enquiries and the odd call to recent returnees from Oz.

It was during this process that an old friend told me of their time in the Outback, and specifically their stay at the Desert Cave Hotel, a place where you can experience ‘dugout’ living. In other words, you sleep underground in rooms cut out from the surrounding sandstone. How cool is that? Well, pretty cool by all accounts, because that is kind of the point. Dugout living is apparently the norm in that region of Australia – the underground homes benefiting from natural temperature control. So perfectly sensible it seems, either that or Australians are all a little bit mad.

Either way, the Desert Cave Hotel is a welcome departure from the dreary, generic hotels we’re all accustomed to, and if I ever do manage to make it Down Under, then a visit to Coober Pedy will be very near the top of the list (just a little behind the SCG and the set of Neighbours).

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