Finding The Right Accommodation

Finding The Right Accommodation

Finding the right accommodation can make or break a holiday. Whether you are going to far flung climes or staying in your own country, travelling to a tropical climate or visiting the midges in Scotland, a key element of your holiday planning has to be what your group needs from its accommodation and what your budget is.

Sometimes, your accommodation will be decided for you dependant on where you go. On remote islands in Thailand and the Andaman Islands, for example, some of the more remote areas have only beach huts to offer visitors, although most of the time you have a choice, so think through the pros and cons of each type carefully.

Camping is often a good choice if you are on a budget. You usually take your own tent, although ready made tents and yurts are becoming a more popular option and pitch in your own area. Some, but not all, pitches come with an electrical hook-up. Facilities such as showers and toilets are usually shared.

On the next level of expense, you have private villas, cottages and apartments. You are self-catering, but your accommodation has solid walls, making it easier to endure extremes of temperature and you will often find all linen and crockery that you need provided. Villas, cottages and apartments vary wildly in cost, according to number of bedrooms, time of year and, crucially, location. Expect to pay a premium for beachside properties and those in the centre of large tourist traps such as London.

Bed and breakfasts, common in Britain and much of Europe, offer you many of the benefits of a hotel with a lower price tag. You will usually have a private room and bathroom and can expect to have that room cleaned.

On the top tier, but also varying wildly in price, is staying in a hotel. In essence, you can have whatever you choose in this category as long as you are willing to pay for it. Whether you want five star luxury with a golf course and spa in the middle of nowhere, or a two star pokey hotel an hour out of your chosen city centre, you are likely to be able to find it. Hotel comparison sites are a great option if you are relatively flexible about when or exactly where you want to stay. You just need to put in your city of choice and see the available options.

Likewise, if you are looking for self-contained accommodation, try a site such as for a great variety of excellent and cost effective properties to choose from.


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